From Weimar with a bulb

19th – 21st June 2019 is going to be a time to remember in the history of global conversations on culture. More than 70 nationalities gathered in a cultural symposium, organized by the Goethe Institut, to reflect, discuss, present and experiment on the future of us in terms of culture, politics, economy, and all other aspects of life that we can imagine. Continue reading “From Weimar with a bulb”

Opening for CHAN 2016 in Kigali

Published on Feb 17, 2016

It was a great honor to perform at the opening of the African Championship of Nations in front of about 25,000 people in the stadium, the whole of Africa and the world watching live from their homes. It was a chance for me to tell my African story as a contemporary artist. I was accompanied by Rwandan traditional music and was lucky to share the stage with Naleli Rugege. The piece is french by the way.

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