From Yaounde with fire

I was recently invited to a cultural week in Yaoundé, organized by the Goethe Institut Cameroun and curated by Princess Marylin Douala, Nontobeko Ntobela ans Rose Jepkorir to facilitate workshops with students from Lycée Bilingue de Mendong with students aged between 15 and 19 years old on the topic of colonization, especially German colonization. I chose to work from a futuristic angle to deal with The Burden Of Memory. All I did was listen to the youth, encourage them, share with them a few performance techniques and work a bit on their costumes. The poems they created in a space of three days is the result of their imagination. Kudos guys!! You’re amazing. Here’s a quick rough edit to give you an idea about the experience.

I’m very thankful to the people of Yaoundé, facilitators, technicians, organizers and participants.

1key, 1love

From Europe, with a philm

I spent seventy days in Europe this summer as a tourist and performer. It was a beautiful and inspiring experience is so many ways. I visited Germany, France and Belgium as part of the Alkeymie: Europe Solo Tour in which I shared a few pieces of me through my art. I will share more details about this in a few weeks.

While I was there, I wanted to hear from my fellow Africans on the ground what it is to live in Europe and why it’s such a big deal. So with my phone, I made a philm. You’ll understand what it is when you watch. Turn on the captions for subtitles.

Retour à la terre natale, en force

À l’heure qu’il est, je devrais être à Goma. Mais je n’y suis pas. Enfin plus. Je suis rentré au Rwanda plus tôt que prévu. Je n’en pouvais plus.

En fait depuis que je suis parti de Goma en Août 1994 pendant la crise de réfugiés du génocide au Rwanda, des exilés, des milices interahamwe, des militaires du régime Habyarimana, je n’avais plus remis les pieds à Goma. Pour ceux qui ne savent pas, Goma partage la frontière avec le Rwanda. La frontière on ne la voit pas parce qu’elle n’existe que sur la carte de l’Afrique que nous ont dessiné “les propriétaires de la planète” en direct de Berlin en 1885. Continue reading “Retour à la terre natale, en force”

Vis Large

When I tell people that I spent about five months in a village called Buhanda in the Southern Province of Rwanda, their first reaction is “No freakin way!! You? What were you doing there?” Usually I would say research but that happened organically as I started my quest to find my roots by interviewing old people about their lives before 1959 in Rwanda. The quest led me to paths across the country. I’m currently writing a book in French about that experience but in the meantime you can read summaries some of the interviews here transcribed in their original language (Kinyarwanda.)  Continue reading “Vis Large”

Périples Nyege_Nyege – Kigali

Bon voilà… il est dimanche vers 15 heures, troisième journée du festival. Un pote avec qui j’étais dans le bus me dit “Paraît que le bus part à 20h.” Je continue à touner autour du festival. Je me pose devant la scène, tranquille. Je me retourne et il y a une colonne de gens assis sur des sortes de moquette en caoutchouc. Je reconnais certains visages. “Tiens! C’est le gars du bus!” Je dis gars parce que je ne sais pas c’est quoi son rôle mais il faisait le manager depuis Kigali. Nul comme manager. Mais de nul quoi. Le gars est arrivé avec 2h de retard à Kigali le jour du départ. Il me dit “Tiens toi prêt. On part à 18h.” Je suis content! J’ai hâte de rentrer. C’est quand même trop plus de 48h de EDM dans les oreilles.

Continue reading “Périples Nyege_Nyege – Kigali”