The Expericment Film 

About a year ago, a young Rwandan with an unusual English accent walked to me and told me, “I really like what you do and I would like to document your journey through film.” I looked at him and without the shadow of a doubt I said, “Sure!” From that day, Isumbabyose has been part of my life in a creepy kind of way filming me in awkward situations and sometimes positions. Every time he used my phone, he would remind me “Don’t delete that!” I don’t know if it’s written on my face that I do delete stuff a lot because he was right. I do. 

When the time came to start the #Expericment series, we sat and discussed what he needed in terms of equipment and logistics. I watched this young man spend his last coins and many hours of his youth shooting, directing and editing my life. I am going to miss our 4am arguments over the tone of color, the sound level, the right transition and passing out on those comfy couches at Another Cat studios. Isumbabyose’s work ethic and discipline throughout the entire documentation made me question my rants about why music is not valued in Rwanda? Because I haven’t invested 10% of what he has. Yet he is the most composed friend I have.

Before the premiere on the 3rd of February (venue to be disclosed), I would like to invite film critics for a screening this Friday and hear from them. So if you are one living in Rwanda, please email your best review at and I will get back to you with details related to the screening before the official premiere. Speaking of which, the entrance fee will be whatever amount you decide to pay via my Mobile Money (0788353630 Ngangare Eric), cash at the door, bank transfers if you insist, any way you wish to support with your money is welcome. Here’s a snippet of the film. It’s not enough to give you an idea about what to expect, I will upload a couple more as we wait for the premiere. Enjoy!

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