Expericment 4.0 Finale : Words of Fury

In December last year when Gael Faye organized a charity concert for children at CECYDAR next to Unilak in Kicukiro, I was super excited not only to watch him educate and inspire through his art as he does so well but mostly because he invited me to perform with him. Little did I know that a few hours before the show the legend in person would ask me to write and perform a new version of the hook to M. le président – a powerful track on his fantastic album Pilipili Sur Un Croissant Beurre that speaks out loud against dictatorship and power greed.

That happened. Those who were present should tell me what the felt. Too bad I didn’t see any video after so I can share with those who couldn’t witness the power of poetry in motion. To me the most ecstatic part was the jam session. When Gael asked if there were kids in the crowd who could rap, I wasn’t ready for a couple of dozens of young rappers aged between 8 and 16 to fight for the mic and whoever got their hands on it, yo! They delivered! Bars, fam! Bars out of nowhere. My most memorable moment was one of the youngest freestyling from Gael’s shoulders. It was priceless. I wanna feel that way again. I couldn’t believe we had so much unearthed talent around; I wouldn’t use the word “hidden” because it is not. The talent is there, we just haven’t done enough to put it in the light. Paradoxically, we would blindly claim that we are not that creative people. On the contrary, w are. We just do not have the platforms to express that. We need fully equipped theatres! At least two in each province. We need people to believe in us enough to invest in our potential before the brain drain turns into a hemorrhage. We need recreational centres with tools that boost the youth’ artistic sides, we need sports centres, bars with more musical instruments, more interactive games and definitely less Tv screens. If only we dedicated 1/1000th of the time and energy we spend on European football, maybe some of our kids would have their own iconic posters on the walls of this city in the future.

I had given up on doing the expericment finale but then I realized that the series isn’t complete until its job is done- to inspire the young ones. 

That is why the #Expericment (4.0) Finale: Words of Fury is for all the diamonds in the dirt out there. I wish I could share the stage with all the young poets, singers, rappers hungry for the spotlight but I can’t do that in one night. So I made a small selection from my list but promise you, you will see fire. 

I’m planning to have a 4-day workshop with former street kids (mayibobo) aged between 7 and 14 who found home at CECYDAR (Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba), in the presence of the spirit of one the greatest poets Rwanda ever birthed to learn and dream together, and maybe inspire each other.

The show will be in Kinyafranglais, which is the new Kigali language since rare are the people who can hold a 5-minute conversation without mixing Kinyarwanda, French and English.

To attend or support, state your price and pay whatever you want with Mobile Money onto my number: 0788353630

This will be the final show on the #expericment series. If you wanna more about the journey, here’s a little a little bit of it.


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