Afrogroov brings Keziah Jones to Kigali

I love everything about the association of these two names. If you are the type that doesn’t miss cultural events in Kigali, you would know that Dj Eric Soul, the man behind Afrogroov movement, is all about treating Rwandans to an exquisite taste of music by great artists from Africa and the diaspora. Let me refresh your mind, do you remember the electrifying performances by Thais Diarra, Nneka, Tiken Jah in Kigali?

Well, there is a collective of cultural actors and leading creative entrepreneurs from the region behind all that, working with or without sponsors because they believe Rwanda deserves to experience the genuine touch of African artistry. That said, behold la crème de la crème Keziah Jones! First time to hear the name? Not surprising. He is not on your mainstream TV and radio channels but when you look him up, you will find his name next to Ben Harper, Prince, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix, John Coltrane, among the greatest of all time, who at most influenced his music.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, on 10th January 1968, Olufemi Sanyaolu known under his pseudonym as Keziah Jones is one of the greatest artists in the world to hold a guitar. He taught himself how to play at a young age and grew to become the legend he is today. Keziah is so unconventional that not only he had to add a new genre to the world repertoire- the Blufunk, which heavily rests on his guitar strumming style- a guitar maker company had to create the perfect guitar to accommodate the move of his fingers. When you listen to his music, you have a feel of jazz, blues, rock, funk, a touch of ethnic combined with suave vocals that smoothly carry a deep, mystic, and poetic message, all embodied in a charisma that would give a goose the chills. And that is not even half of it. He is also a great painter, a poet, a playwright and a generous educator. Talk about an all-rounded artist, this is what Kigali will be treated to. Forget about the usual, get ready to immerse yourself in an energy beyond description and allow yourself to be touched by the sound of a genius. 

This 25th September, the city will be lit by the brilliance of this son of Africa. To attend, please book your seat in advance by filling this form. You will then receive a confirmation message. In the meantime, get familiar with the legend already inviting you to. 

“I guess you better familiarize yourself

with me ‘Cause the weather’s all fine

You know there’s never no waiting for the right

kind of breeze when pleasure all’s mine”

Watch this live performance of Keziah’s Femiliarise


There is a lot more to savor online while waiting for the night your music experience will change for good.

For more info, follow Afrogroov on Facebook, twitter (@afrobysoul) or email at for enquiries.

PS: Don’t forget to book by filling the form

1key, 1love.

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