#Expericment Finale







So that #Sexpericment did happen as promised and yo! It was damn hot! Sexy and a half. I enjoyed myself. Ahem! I owe its success to the die-hard fans (Wankers) both on these virtual streets and in the real world. You are the real deal. I’m gonna name a few if you don’t mind. Thank you Daniela, Murielle, Nash, Poupoute and everyone who always represent. I got mad love for y’all. My favorite part of the show was being next to Alpha, the stage manager on #Expericment 3.0, and watch the beautiful souls that are Natacha Muziramakenga, Lamel Shaw, Tony Cheryl, Barbrah, Angel Mutoni, DopeGurl and Sharon Bayingana slay. I mean that delivery, shall we talk about it? And the amazing band, did you feel what I felt? I’m grateful for Isumbabyose who always goes the extra mile to make sure we have quality footage and editing. I love you my man and wish you success. Ngutuye ka karirimbo ka Meddy “Ntacyo nzaba!” Pose, the film and photography company, also represented. Thank you Iba. A big thanks to the management of The Manor and Mambo for providing the space; Malik, thank you for the food and refreshments during rehearsals that happened at Another Cat studio. The energy was up at all time. Last but not least, I wanna thank you all who would kill to attend the show but are outside Rwanda while many of my friends haven’t attended any. I believe a time will come when the show comes to you. You get me and it feels great.
Like I said on the show, I am not sure the #Expericment 4.0 (Finale) will happen as I am completely tapped out. So bad that we had to fundraise during  the show so the band can get paid. We collected some but we’re still short. So if you wanna contribute, please don’t hesitate. You have my number.
All in all, my heart is filled with gratitude. It’s been an interesting journey of discoveries and I still have hope that we can pull off the grand finale. Until then…
Take care of yourselves and yours.
Thank you
#1key #1Love

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