#Expericment 3.0

I believe at this stage many of you have mastered the art of articulating the word “expericment”. At same time I won’t lie to you, I do take pleasure in watching some of you hiss “essiperisssickm–” Guilty pleasure that is. Continue reading “#Expericment 3.0”

Open Letter to Local Entertainment Journalists

First of all I am not even quite sure you deserve this title. In my opinion, you just happen to be in the field. You are not entertaining at all! Hmm so you may say it’s about taste and you don’t write to please me but hey look at the amount of comments at the end of your articles, the level of engagement on your social media pages. Do you have personal social media pages? By the way a social media page is… maybe next time. Continue reading “Open Letter to Local Entertainment Journalists”