Disturbing Reality

The dumb with smart things to say
The crippled who never stop moving ahead
The illiterate who write their own history
The mentally-challenged who challenge our reality
The blind who see a bright future
The sick who bite the bullet without denture
The deaf who listen with their heart
The heartbroken who always loves art

I want to tell you…
We’re not the same. You are better.



May 6th, 2015
Listen to Write Me A Love Song


June 14th, 2015 – Kigali

I need your eyes to see beauty
I need your smile to feel happy
I need your tongue to taste something fresh
I need your touch to feel life in my flesh
I need your senses to feel mine
I need your opinion to know I’m not always right
I need your ear to know I have a voice
I need your presence to feel this void

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