I Know Nothing

I Know Nothing

I yearn not to be smart but wise
To discern and not judge with my eyes
So I learn to unlearn about stereotypes
Hoping to earn in kindness the more I spend my life
As I look through, underneath and beyond its paradigms
I understand the truth is… The Truth is subjective
The proof lies in changing perspectives
What if schools were Taming Facilities
And knowledge wasn’t power but a power trip?
How can we be intelligent enough to build spaceships
But yet ignorant about caring in our relationships
With one another, with mother nature
We produce and re-produce but fail to nurture
We trade virtues for material things, essence for esthetics
They say the best things in life are free
Then turn around and sell dreams of luxury
So we auction our souls to the devil
It’s nothing wrong, just another necessary evil
“You gotta do what you gotta do” is the motto
Abuse or lack of tolerence, everything becomes justifiable
Morals go extinct by the day, everything becomes acceptable
Should we celebrate “Hooray this is freedom”
When the line gets blurry between right and wrong?
I don’t know…
This life looks like a cyclic game of thrones
I am just like you, caught up in the spiral
I get played as I play my part, you know
Just another bastard driven to do more
But in the end I know nothing, call me John Snow


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